Nick Offerman Hosting a Fundraiser in LA for Forty Panes

Many people know Nick Offerman as a performer, actor, woodworker, and best selling author.  Yet not everyone knows that Nick is also a tireless champion of Wendell Berry's. In fact, Berry is so clearly top of mind that his name spills into practically every third interview Nick gives to the press... A few cases in point:

  • USA Today (Sept. 25, 2013) "I finally got to finish Michael Pollan's latest book, Cooked. I'm really enthralled by his writing. I think that he in a sociological way touches on issues that are first espoused by my favorite writer Wendell Berry, the great agrarian writer, poet and novelist."
  • The Believer (Oct. 2012) When asked if Nick could see his Parks & Rec character Ron Swanson running for President, and if so, who would his inaugural poet be, Offerman responds, "Probably himself. Or Wendell Berry. I think Ron would be a big Wendell Berry fan."
  • Barnes and Noble - Calling "The Memory of Old Jack, by Wendell Berry..." his favorite novel, Nick expands, "The first novel I read from his charismatic career of fiction detailing the fellowship of the fictional Kentucky town of Port William. My absolute favorite living writer. If everybody read Wendell Berry, I believe we’d have a shot at being more decent."
  • Men's Health - (May 2013) Nick's "Nine Rules every American male should follow" include this prescription, "Read Wendell Berry. I would direct you to his short stories, which is a quick way to discern if you’re going to like him or not. If you decide you don’t like him, you’ve made a mistake, so go back and start again... If the citizens of our nation all read Wendell Berry, it would be a lot more decent in its dealings with the rest of the planet. "

Nick's advocacy for Wendell Berry has made its way into his own writing.  In his recent bestseller "Paddle Your Own Canoe",  Offeman writes.

I'm here to tell you that we've been duped on a societal level. My favorite writer, Wendell Berry, writes on this topic with great eloquence.  He posits that we've all been sold a bill of goods, claiming that work is bad, that sweating is working, especially if soil or sawdust is involved, are beneath us.  Our population, especially the urbanites, has largely forgotten that working at a labor that one loves is actually a privilege.  To be on the receiving end of this gift of a life complete with human body, mind and heart is the be indescribably blessed indeed, but all of our conveniences and comforts and amazing technological advances have made us completely soft and fully pusillanimous!"

We're humbled to announce that Nick is hosting a fundraiser for FORTY PANES in LA on Saturday, February 8th.  In addition to Nick's talents, other featured guests include Nancy and Beth (Nick's wife Megan Mullally and Stephanie Hunt) and Zach Galifiniakis and other "serious special guests."  Tickets are already almost sold out, $60 for the cheap seats, $100 for the closest thing to VIP available. 

Tickets are available here.